Gift Shopping at the MoMA Design Store

One of my favourites stores from our recent trip to New York City is the MoMA Design Store which is the museum store for The Museum of Modern Art.  The MoMA, as its popularly known, was established in 1932 and is devoted to modern design and architecture. The store sells items represented in the MoMA collection or related to its exhibits and proceeds go to benefit the museum.  Shopping, design-lead gifts and proceeds to charity…. I don’t see a downside do you?

Never too young for design, I say.  I took my daughter to the MoMA store for an enjoyable shopping spree for gifts to take back to London.  To her credit, she loved it (although she does tend to love any form of shopping).

So, what did we buy?

photo:  MoMA Design Store
photo: MoMA Design Store
  • Chairs game by Pico Pao (2010).  These are 14 cardboard chairs you can stack as you wish.  Although categorised as a children’s toy, I secretly bought these for myself because they are much too fun to be wasted on children.
photo:  MoMA Design Store
photo: MoMA Design Store

2 carat cup

  • Ombre Web reflection placemats by Llora Manne (2010).  Made from a patented process wherein coloured acrylic fivers are sandwiched between 2 sheets of vinyl, these placemats have a depth and lustre not usual found in vinyl.  I love how they add a pop of colour in my kitchen.


  • MoMA Washi Tape.  We were very excited to find washi tape with the MoMa logo and the Manhattan skyline.  Perfect for wrapping up those gifts bought in New York — too bad we can’t bear to part with most of what we have found at the MoMA store!

MoMA washi

In the spirit of gift shopping, it looks like we bought more stuff for ourselves than for anyone else.  Anyone else do that?

We loved so many more things but were hampered by luggage weight considerations.  More stuff we liked:

All photos courtesy of MoMA Design STore
photos: MoMA Design Store

1.  Glass Curved Tumblers Set by Leonardo Design Team (2001)

2.  Chalkboard Vase by Ricardo Saint-Clair (2005)

3.  Colored Glass Bowl Set by Alessandro Alberti and Giuletta Piccioli (2008)

4.  Stackable Rainbow Mugs Set by Massimo Vignelli (1975)

5.  Paper Strip Vase by Yolanda Resendiz and Jesus Renteria (2010)

6. Porcelain Crinkle Bag Vase by Makoto Komatsu (1975)

7.  Photo Mobile by Will Van den Bos (2003)

8.  Glass Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen (1996)

9. Acrylic Rainbow Tumblers (2007)

10.  History of Art Sketchbook by Donald Seitz (1991)

As you can see, these items are from a range of years and different designers.  Good design really does stand the test of time.  What do you think?  What’s your favourite?  I’d love to hear from you.

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