Experiencing Amish Country with Children

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My children were fascinated with Amish country.  What do you mean no TV?!  Not even DS?!  Confusion abounded that such a world existed today and not in the time before dinosaurs (when their mother was a little girl).

With the children’s curiosity piqued, our family really enjoyed the sights of Lancaster county.  We drove through towns with colourful names like Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand, Ronks and Paradise.

While we were waiting for a buggy ride with Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides, the children spotted an old-fashioned candy store (conveniently located near the waiting area).

horse ride

The Lollipop Shoppe is a large purple house which allows you to pick and mix candy bought by weight.

candy jars

The driver was friendly and knowledgeable and took us on a little tour of the nearby farmland.  We saw a one-room schoolhouse which is still in use.  There is one teacher who teaches all the children together.  Amish…

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