It’s Good to be a Duke

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To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, the super rich are different from you and me — they keep camels in the conservatory.  And, no, not just for a game of Clue (Cluedo for the British).

Doris Duke, fabulously wealthy American heiress, kept her camels, named Baby and Princess,  sheltered in the conservatory of her 115 room Newport mansion, Rough Point, during a hurricane in 1991.  The rest of the time they had their own sheltered tent just outside the conservatory.   A little window in the room (a “camel port”) let people feed them treats.  Doris purchased planes from Adnan Kashoggi (Saudi Arabian business man and international arms dealer) and insisted 2 camels be thrown in for the purchase price.  She got the planes but not the camels.  So, what’s an heiress to do?  She went and bought her own 2 camels and billed him for their cost.  The camels…

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