Roadtrip USA: The Pennsylvania Dutch Countryside

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Before he met me, Mr. N and his best friend always did a yearly road trip in the United States.  We’ve reinstated that tradition with the children in the last couple of years.  This summer we are driving up the East Coast from Pennsylvania where my family lives through New York, Connecticut. Rhode Island and ending up at our summer home in Massachusetts.

In Pennsylvania, we took the children to Lancaster County which has the oldest and largest settlement of Amish people in the country.  The Amish arrived in Lancaster County in the 1720’s escaping persecution for their conservative Christian beliefs in Europe.  To this day, they prefer living a simple life foregoing modern conveniences such as cars and electricity.   Approximately 30,000 Amish live in Lancaster County today.

The family is the most important social unit for the Amish.  Families tend to be large and it’s not uncommon to…

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