Travel Moment: The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

I’ve linked up with the lovely Selena and her blog “Oh, The Places We Will Go” to bring you a travel moment.  It’s supposed to be a moment that really makes you stop and feel.  Since I am not particularly prone to introspection and am as shallow as they come, those moments are rare.  So rare that I can’t even remember one.

I will, however, share a memory of fun and laughter that the children and I had last year. We went to The Sony Wonder Technology Lab in New York City which is a free museum that showcases Sony products.  Sony shows off their technology and the visitors get to use interactive exhibits demonstrating lots of cool stuff.

sony tech lab

The children messed around with adding graphics to photos, voice manipulation and robotics features.

You can dance in a booth and have a robot follow your moves.

The children did a broadcast ‘on air’ (complete with cue cards and an interview)  which then got shown on a television as if it were a real broadcast.

I was supposed to operate the video but that was boring.  So I decided to be disruptive across the screen.  You can see the shock on their faces because they are usually the ones who get to act silly while I am serious.


My son loved the medical technology lab where you get to perform ultrasounds on objects or perform medical feats of wonder with laser technology.  He is convinced to this day that he can do open heart surgery just because he practiced on the keyhole surgery machine at the centre.  Luckily, he hasn’t had the opportunity to put his skills to use.

Other fun things included mixing your own music with the interactive Music Mixer exhibit.  You can do fun things to Alicia Keys’ song about New York City, Empire State of Mind .

music mixer

Of course, there were regular games and a playstation centre too, but that paled in comparison to the rest of the exhibits.


The Sony Lab was a lot of fun! It was a different sort of museum than the children were expecting.  We still like to talk about what a good time we had.  It was definitely a travel moment of sheer joy for us as a family.


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