Brighton pier

Brighton, England

Brighton is a city on the south coast of England.  It was famous and fashionable during Regency times thanks to the influence of the Prince Regent, later George IV.  The Prince Regent had the famous architect John Nash build a royal palace called the Royal Pavilion which is a concoction of Indo-oriental architecture.

Brighton pier

Other than the Royal Pavilion, there is plenty to see and do in Brighton.  The Lanes are the cobbled back streets which are full of fashionable boutiques and cafes.  Brighton Pier is the only remaining Victorian pier since the other pier (West Pier) was destroyed by storms in 2010.  Brighton Pier is a child’s delight with lots of amusement park rides, arcades and concession stands.  The Pier is open late during the summer hours and can get quite raucous.Other ways to entertain children are the Brighton Wheel, the Brighton Aquarium and the beach.

Brighton Beach

In case you want to go out on a sugar high and take your teeth with you, you can also easily finds sticks of the so-called Brighton Rock for sale everywhere.  Brighton Rock are stick-shaped boiled sugar sweets flavoured with mint.  Brighton Rock has lent its name to the famous 1938 book by Graham Greene about gangsters in 1930’s Brighton. Brighton Rock has been made into several movies, most recently in 2010.Brighton Lanes

The city is now trendy once again.  It has a lively arts scene, restaurants, nightlife etc.  It is about 2 hours by train from London or a little more by road if you are driving.  Some people even commute to London for work because they prefer the quality of life in Brighton.

Check out the reviews and information we have on the Just Go Places website on Brighton for more inspiration!

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