Calling All Foodies for the Dubai Food Festival

At the World Trade Market (2014) recently held in London, the stand for the Dubai Food Festival really stood out for its creativity.  The entire skyline of Dubai was recreated in food by food-artist, Paul Baker, including such noted landmarks as the Burj Khalifa, Burj al-Arab, Dubai Creek and Atlantis the Palm.

The Dubai Tram is made up of croissant carriages on a chocolate train line passing over bread crumbs substituting for the sand.

Dubai tram
Dubai Tram

The Palm is made out of bread and The Atlantis is constructed out of crackers.  In the background is the sail-shaped Burj al Arab 7 star hotel and assorted buildings.  The bottom of the Burj Khalifa is also visible (it’s the stacked corn cobs!).  I’ve no idea what the waffle buildings and chocolate buildings are, but they look superb.  The artist has taken some liberties with scale because all these buildings aren’t that close together in real life.

The Palm
The Atlantis, The Palm and the Burj al- Arab

I also really like the way a traditional Dhow sails down Dubai Creek with its sails made of pita bread.

Traditional Dhow
Traditional Dhow

Never have these buildings looked so tasty!

This skyline artwork is supposed to be exhibited at The Dubai Food Festival itself.  The Festival is a 23-day event celebrating both regional Arab dishes as well as the cuisines of the many different nationalities who live and work in Dubai.  Apparently, there will be 200 different cuisines available to sample.  The dishes will be as diverse as the cuisines they represent, from high-end restaurants to local cafes and street food.

Inaugurated in 2014 to great success, the second Dubai Food Festival is slotted for almost an entire month from the 6th to the 28th of February 2015.  For those families who don’t ski, this festival coincides perfectly with England’s half-term vacation.  Good food and winter sun is a winning combination in my book!


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