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Real Food on London’s Southbank

The Real Food Market is a weekly food market showcasing some of London’s best street food.  The market is held weekly on Friday through Sunday on the Southbank Centre right behind the Royal Festival Hall.

Real Food Market
Image Credit: The Real Food Market

There are approximately 40 food and drink vendors selling both cooked fare and fresh produce to the public.

fresh produce

How adorable are these little bottles of champagne?

small champagne bottles

Bean About Town have their distinctive vans selling coffee with Gallic flair.

Real Food Market

The variety at the Real Food Market reflects the diversity of London itself.  There are vendors selling everything from Ghanian stews, French crepes, Moroccan tanginess and Mauritian curries. My personal favourite is Korrito which sells Korean barbecued meat wrapped in the form of a Mexican burrito.  As for dessert, among the choices are delicious Spanish churros, Italian cannolis and Italian gelato.

Korean BBQ

My children are big fans of the crepes.

Real Food Market

Check out this video on The Real Food Market from Andy Bates, a presenter from The Food Network. 

The Real Food Market is a casual market has food which will suit everyone.  It is great for people who are going to the National Theatre or otherwise strolling along the Southbank.  Especially if you are out and about with children, having a place that caters to different tastes can be incredibly helpful.  Not only are the meals quick, delicious, healthy but also pretty good value.


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