An Epic Wave of Arctic Surfing

Have you heard of arctic surfing?  Until recently my only experience of arctic surfing was the 2000 movie, Surf’s Up, which my son has seen countless times.  The lead character is a surfing penguin who dreams of becoming a surfing champion.  Apparently though arctic surfing is a real sport which exists outside the make-believe world of animated film.

I learned about the actual sport of arctic surfing when I was introduced to SmugMug, a photo sharing website, and their recent venture into films showcasing world-renowned photographers at work.

Blue ocean Wave

SmugMug Films has created a short film, called Arctic Swell, when a camera crew followed famous surf photographer, Chris Burkard on an arctic surfing trip to Norway in 2014.  Although Burkard doesn’t surf much himself, he has been the senior staff photographer at Surfer magazine since 2010.  Slightly Inception-like in its concept, this is a film of a photo shoot conducted by Burkard of three professional surfers.  The resulting film is an homage to the beauty of the arctic as well as the skill of these surfers.

I think surfing in warm weather is a pretty intense experience.  The arctic surfing probably appeals to the same crowd that like snowboarding too.  So pretty much a lot of teenagers and twenty-somethings.

Believe it or not, this film was set in Norway in the spring.  Can you imagine how cold it gets in winter?!  Norway isn’t the only place to get in your arctic surfing – Iceland and Finland also offers opportunities to participate in this extreme sport. By the way, you don’t need to be a professional surfer but need only have achieved intermediate level.  I might just have to leave this sport to my son though because I am really just not a cold weather person.

What do you think? Insane or totally gnarly?

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