checking email on beach

The Technology Takeover of Travel

I haven’t been to a travel agent in so many years that I am not surprised that a recent survey showed that 72% of people book their holiday directly online.  Compare this fact with 1984 when 65% of people used a travel agent. This information comes from a survey of 2700 people commissioned by James Villas to mark their 30 year anniversary.

checking email on beach

British travel has changed significantly in the 30 years James Villas has been in business and, no more so, than the effect of technology on how we book, plan and spend our holidays.

  • People now research their holidays online:  46% use Tripadvisor, 14% check Facebook pages, 7% read blogs and 6% follow Twitter trends.
  • Approximately 1/3 of people could not go on holiday without their mobile phone.  (Of course, how would you otherwise Instagram/Facebook how happy you are on holiday?!)
  • Travellers check their phones on average 5 times a day. (Selfies don’t take themselves!)
  • 41% of travellers want WiFi as a standard part of their holiday experience.  I would like to add that I expect WiFi to be free as well as standard in the developed world.  It drives me crazy that you can get great internet service in some little B&B in the United States but Starwood Hotels expect you pay for the privilege.

Thankfully I am too young to have been booking trips in 1984.  I can, however, relate to many of the stats listed above.  How many can you relate to?

To look at all the interesting stats showing the changes from 1984 to 2014 check out this fascinating infographic.  Many these changes would have been incomprehensible to the traveller of 1984, I can only wonder how travel will change in the next 30 years!30 Years of Experience In The Travel Industry - Infographic

James Villa Holidays – 30 Years of Travel Infographic


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