Regents Park Lights

Lights, Lights and More Lights Create Christmas Glow in London

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA today and I still can’t get into the spirit of Christmas until Thanksgiving is officially over.  Britain, however, has no such reservations.  It has wholeheartedly embraced the Christmas spirit.  In fact, Christmas lights and decorations were in full flow in London in early November.  Without the Thanksgiving holiday to pace the end of year celebrations, we bounced straight from Halloween to Christmas.

What does Christmas 2014 in London look like?

Here we have Monty the Penguin who has quickly become a cult hit thanks to featuring in the Christmas advertisement of British department store John Lewis.  John Lewis always has heartwarming adverts and this year is no different.

Anything this cute was bound to be a hit!  Seriously, who can resist penguins?!

Monty the Penguin Another department store, Selfridges has a chalet-style restaurant on its top floor.  The hallway leading to the restaurant is just magical.

Selfridges magical lane

If only the sign was true and it really was a magical express lift to Christmas itself.  We could dispense with all of the aggravation of pre-Christmas preparations and get straight to the main event!

Selfridges lift

Covent Garden has one of the city’s large Christmas trees which is set off by a surrounding 15000 lights in the Piazza. The 22-foot large reindeer in Covent Garden is new this year and a big hit with tourists taking photos.


The main shopping areas, Oxford Street and Regent Street, are awash with Christmas lights.  The Oxford Street light display is in its 55th year and features 750,000 LED lights.  The Regent Street lights are basically advertising for the new Night At The Museum movie which was filmed in London.

Regents Park Lights

As we rush towards the end of 2014, London is ready for a holly, jolly Christmas.  Are you?


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