Chatham Sharks In The Park

Where do great white sharks spend their summers?  In Chatham on Cape Cod, of course.  The town of Chatham at the ‘elbow’ end of the Cape calls itself the summer home of the great white shark.

chatham cape cod

After 40+ years of being protected as a species, grey seals are abundant of the Cape now.  Sharks also have returned for some light summer seal snacking. More of the sharks have been spotted every year off the coast of Chatham since 2009 as the word gets out on the shark grapevine of easy seal pickings.  According to the Chatham Shark Center, approximately 70 great white sharks were in the area in 2014.

Just last week, a 7 year old great white shark got beached on South Beach in Chatham.  Beachgoers splashed him with water to keep him going and named him Jameson.  Rescuers from the Chatham Shark Center eventually were able to put him back in the ocean.  The researchers were unclear whether he would survive but if he does, he’s one of the youngest great whites to ever have been tagged.  We could learn a lot about great white sharks from Jameson’s misadventure.

We didn’t see any (real) sharks in Chatham but we loved the Sharks in the Park display in front of the public library.  Local artists were sponsored by local businesses to create 45 sharks that will be auctioned off for charity.

chatham shark in the park

The artists were really creative with their sharks using different techniques such as driftwood, sea glas or metals.  They also referenced a number of different ideas such as the local baseball team, the foodie scene, the music scene and life at the beach.

You can bid for a shark of your own at the Bidding For Good online auction site.  All the information on the artists for each shark is available online at the Sharks in the Park website.

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15 thoughts on “Chatham Sharks In The Park”

  1. I read this post on the same day as I saw a video on TV of a surfer being attacked by a shark. In the abstract, I understand it’s important to protect them, but in reality I just can’t feel anything but aversion to them!

    1. That surfer video from South Africa was pretty amazing! That guy had a lucky escape (and such presence of mind to fend off an attack). As for Jameson, I hope he survives so that with the tagging research we can learn more about sharks. Technically it is their ocean and they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. But I agree I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near a shark in the ocean.

      1. I thought of the surfer in South Africa too! That video was amazing and scary! Great post….very timely. : #mondayescapes

  2. Ohhh Chatham in the USA! We have a Chatham in the UK just outside London and I was sure they don’t have sharks haha! The shark sculptures look really cool, very talented artists.
    Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist) xx #mondayescapes

  3. This is amazing! I love the idea of the artists having their work bid for. They certainly are colourful and my son would adore looking at them all! And my husband is so fascinated by sharks – so a trip to Chatham when we eventually do our New England road trip will be a must! I can’t believe they managed to save that white shark! So interesting. Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

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