Thank you for following me over from my other blog, NYLon Living.  We travel so much that my travel posts definitely deserve a blog of their own!

I have always enjoyed travelling and exploring new cultures and places.  I grew up in the New York suburbs and made a beeline to university in New York City as soon as I could.  After university, I spent two years teaching English in Japan.  My parents never understood this fascination with other countries.  As my mother put it, people are desperately trying to get into the United States but all I wanted to do was leave it.

After Japan, I went back to the United States for law school.  When I started work in one of the big international law firms in New York, I was given the opportunity to transfer to their London office.  I met my now-husband who has a similar love of travel fairly despite being shackled to real life as  finance lawyer.  We got married, had children, bought a house – the usual stuff.  The wanderlust never went away though.

Prior to having children, Mr. N and I had a goal of working our way through the Small Luxury Hotels chain of hotels.  Although we continue travelling with our kids, we have had to adjust the details a bit!  We have given up some of the freedom both in time and scheduling as well as our snootiness in where we stay.  For example, we can no long wander aimlessly through little side streets without paying attention to what time lunch should be.  In exchange, I have gained so much more perspective from our children.  For example, I have been to Amsterdam several times but had no idea the city was full of cats until my daughter pointed them out to me.  They are everywhere!  How could I have not noticed?!

I think we are successfully imparting a love of travel to our children.  We know other families who likewise enjoy independent travel of all kinds with their children.  The website Just Go Places was created to provide travel inspiration for just such families.  This blog accompanies the website and tells more about our travels and those of our members.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

St Augustine, philosopher and theologian


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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Funny, I live in the NYC burbs in Westchester. Recently started a blog about adventuring and traveling with my family here and elsewhere. We try to get away as much as we can, but when we can’t we explore around here. Looking forward to reading more about your travels :).

    1. LOL! I grew up in Westchester. It’s a nice part of the world but my parents would NEVER let me into NYC. Far too dangerous. It was the David Dinkins era so it probably was. So of course, I made a beeline there as soon I could.

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